Services, Pricing & Location

We provide the best Non-Anesthesia Teeth cleaning for your pet and below explains the services we provide.  We always work directory with our Veterinarian’s on site to provide the safest and consistent care for your pet.  Our Pet Hygienist have over 20 years of experience in working with animals and cleaning their teeth.

Veterinarians Services:

  • Do an exam of the pet’s coat, mouth and gums to confirm your pet is a good candidate for our procedure
  • Listen to the pet’s heart for a strong healthy heart beats
  • Our Veterinarian’s can prescribe and administer antibiotics if they see it beneficial for the teeth cleaning, (additional cost depending on weight of pet)
  • Give after care instructions and answer any questions you may have

Dental Services

  • Oral Evaluations
  • Thorough dental scaling and polishing for your pet
  • Care and maintenance of dental condition
  • Professional referrals to the right specialist for your pet’s needs, including dental surgeons, conventional & holistic veterinarians, etc.

Price Range

The cost is $160.00 – $175.00 per pet and that includes the Veterinarian’s services.  The price range is due to market location and as mentioned above, there is additional charge for Anti-biotic if recommended by the Vet, and we would discuss this decision with you before we did the cleaning.

If we can’t perform the cleaning for any reason mentioned below their is NO charge for our services.

  • Advance periodontal disease
  • Exam shows the pet teeth don’t need to be cleaned
  • Pet’s behavior
  • If the procedure is not going to be beneficial for your pet’s health.
  • Also please note we don’t charge for an Exam to see if your pet is a good candidate for our services


We work all over the Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego County.  Please click on Contact Us to send us an email to discuss our locations close to you.

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