Hi Andy,

I would like to thank you for the great job of cleaning my dog, Jill’s teeth recently. Her teeth and breath are so clean and fresh now and I know that by keeping her teeth clean, it will extend her life without the problems that dirty teeth can create.

I was impressed how you handled her and how well she responded to you. You have developed a good technique in how you work with dogs and that is important. Your warmth and caring, along with your easy going personality, makes the teeth cleaning experience for dogs and owners so comfortable.

Jill will get her teeth cleaned regularly by you and thank you again for the special caring and respect you have given her.

Hugs from Jill and me.

Carolyn A.





Andy cleans my dogs’ teeth and does a wonderful job. One is a Chihuahua and can be very difficult. But Andy was so gentle with her. He was amazing! She was completely calm and not stressed at all. And her teeth were so shiny and clean when he finished!

In addition, Andy works with a vet and is extremely cautious and ethical when it comes to your pet’s health. We only trust Andy and Breath Savers Pet Dental Care.

ocsurfgirl 2 months ago




Andy did a great job cleaning our dog’s teeth, and it was almost 1/10 the price of the vet! Party’s teeth are sparkling white and his breath smells great now, which certainly was not the case before! And he comes to your house!

Dana I. from San Diego, Ca


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